When picking out the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day, you want the selection to feel authentic and curated specifically for the amazing mothers in your life. Here are some tips to help take your arrangement to the next level for Mother’s Day.

1. Sometimes Less Is More

When you want to make a statement, it’s easy to go overboard with color, texture, and size. Instead of using every color in the rainbow, focusing on a set palette and mixture of textures can add much-needed organization to your arrangement that feels elevated and thoughtful.

2. Be Creative With Containers

The flower vessel can be a great way to reflect the different personalities of the mothers in your life! A classic vase, a rustic mason jar, or a chic tumbler each provide a different lens through which to experience a floral arrangement and add creative personalization.


3. Incorporate Unique Floral Elements

Want something different for mom this year? Branch out from a typical arrangement by including unique floral elements that add interesting textures, like thistle or succulents, and distinct scents, like herbs or lavender.

4. Get Sentimental

Do you or someone in your family have a particular flower that holds sentimental value? Or perhaps you want to add mom’s birth flower into the mix! Whatever flower is most important to the mothers in your life, the experts at The Little Flower Shoppe can seamlessly incorporate floral elements into your arrangement to make it that much more special.

Ready to get started on your Mother’s Day flowers? It’s not too late to reach out to experts at The Little Flower Shoppe to create the perfect arrangement for mom. Contact us today!

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