This National Flower Day, don’t get the bouquet everyone expects. Did you know there are plenty of unique types of flowers that can take your bouquet to the next level? At The Little Flower Shoppe, we feature a wide variety of flowers you may have never heard of, but will elevate your bouquet this National Flower Day. 

1. Clematis

With over 300 species, this beautiful purple flower breathes life into any bouquet. Clematis is perfect for anyone who loves the effects of wildflowers, which is why it’s featured in our “Go Wild for Wildflowers” bouquet this National Flower Day!

2. Veronica

Looking to add a little height to your bouquet? Veronica, or Speedwell, is the perfect choice. Known for its unique tall shape, it is often seen in vibrant shades of purple, pink, or white, and will make your arrangement feel more dynamic and balanced. Find this flower in our “Ooh La La” bouquet.

3. Thistle

We know what you’re thinking — “thistle?” This common wild plant has historically not been so common in the curated flower arrangement, but has actually increased in popularity in recent years. The addition of flowering thistles can take a stiff and boring bouquet and bring it to life with its unusual shape and deep colors. We feature thistle in a number of our arrangements, including the “Serendipity.”

4. Snapdragons

Speaking of adding a unique shape to your bouquet, Snapdragon got its name from its resemblance to the face of a dragon opening and closing its mouth. Both beautiful and distinctive, Snapdragon adds a delicate intrigue to any bouquet, as seen in our “Ho Ho Kus Jewel” arrangement.

5. Ornithogalum

For the perfect bouquet, you can’t only focus on the start of the show, but also the smaller flowers that bring the arrangement together. That’s where Ornithogalum comes in. This small, white flower uses its delicate star shape to enhance any bouquet it touches, gently highlighting the more central flowers in the arrangement. That’s why we love it for our popular “Sorbet Delight” bouquet.

This National Flower Day, try something different! With so many beautiful and unique flowers to choose from, you can trust the experts at The Little Flower Shoppe to design the perfectly unexpected bouquet. 

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