IMPACT OF WORKPLACE PLANTS ON: Perception and use of planted space.

Interior planting has become increasingly popular in the working environment during the last 30 years, and its presence is believed to have psychological and physiological benefits. There are many claims in the literature that have not been substantiated by research. My thesis, titled Human Responses to Interior Planting, set out to establish why people need […]

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No, Green Buildings Can’t be Denied

Biophilic design is taking the commercial building interior design world by storm and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. It revolves around bringing nature indoors to calm and inspire building inhabitants and visitors. On the surface, it may seem simple, idealistic or a fad to appease today’s workforce. However, that couldn’t be further from […]

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Office foliage for feel good factor

(CNN) — Watering your Peace Lily and talking to your Dwarf Date Palm could improve your office life. Putting plants in the workplace could be one way to celebrate Earth Day, but research shows that it may also promote staff well being […]

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The Garden Secret

Throughout hotels in Europe and Asia, and especially in countries like Holland and Japan, indoor landscaping is as common as tulips and chopsticks, because the cultural and social relevance is embedded in their way of life. […]

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Sea of Green: Using Interior Plants to Increase Profits

Sure, plants serve as great decorative elements in a hotel setting. But aside from aesthetics, is there any other justification for investing in the installation, care and maintenance of live interior plants? Various studies show that there is. […]

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Bottom-Line Benefits of Interior Office Plants

With every building, the people that occupy them and the work that gets done in them is unique. Plants at Work, a national information campaign to inform professionals and the public about the numerous benefits of interior plants, has assembled new research indicating that adequate installation of interior plants can deliver bottom-line benefits and is […]

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