The Nature of the Post-Pandemic Workplace” is a white paper recently published by an industry peer group – “Silverado Roundtable” and discusses the recent reconsideration of the standard corporate workspace as we move through the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Discussing how employers must now consider the ways in which they manage their work environments and bringing to light many tough questions, are a couple of the ways in which this white paper does a great job of hitting the hottest topics. As we have now seen that companies can continue to competently run amidst working from home and meetings over video conferencing platforms, we must ask ourselves what role design professionals will need to take on in the near future. Playing a key role in safety, efficiency and public health – design professionals, and general readers would do well to give this white paper a thorough read. 

Topics at Hand

Within the white paper, there are a variety of relevant topics covered very thoroughly. These include:

  • Design Challenges of the Post-Pandemic Office
  • Lessons from Alternative Workplace Models
  • Tools for Rethinking Post-Pandemic Workplace Design

Each of these topics is discussed in depth, looking at and predicting the ways in which design professionals can play a significant role in the workplace post-pandemic. It touches on the already rising popularity of remote work, and the innovation that must come as employers must incentivize their employees to come back to the physical workplace.


All credit to the good folks who are a part of the Silverado Roundtable, as they do a great job compiling well cited, documented work. The data-driven insights show exactly what employees are looking for in their workspaces, and what designers must do to utilize the comfort and health benefits of the home office, into the real world. As high quality interior office design was already on the rise pre-pandemic, with west coast startups extending their comfortable work environments across the country, innovation is a necessity to keep the modern american worker happy. Click the link below to download the white paper for yourself!

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