Fiddle Leaf Fig, Queen of the Basic and other Plants of the Moment

Yes, Fiddle leaf figs are cool.  My Instagram feed is filled with interior design bloggers and wannabes who incorporate them into their picture-perfect Arc Digest homes.  Some even go as far as staging fake plants outside of their exterior windows to get the shot– WHAT?  My overpriced gym has one greeting me at the door, and it’s dying.  It looks like crap and it’s a grim site.  So, here’s what thirty years in the plant business periphery has taught me, trust the experts.  

Our family business, a suite of companies Raimondi Horticultural Group which services corporate America’s interior plant needs, The Little Flower Shoppe which is our source for inspiration of all things beautiful and floral, and our exterior division which makes property maintenance and design a one-stop-shop.  Want to know their secret? Light.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite plants of the moment.  Can we make #POTM a thing?  

Fiddle Leaf Figs – yes, I made fun.  Yes, they’re perfectly unstructured but super finicky to care for.  They need an indirect light source and consistent water.  A perfect way to solve this is to call your local plant expert.

Monsteras – these beauties are local to Central America, and even are quite prevalent in Hawaii.  Maybe that’s why I love them so much.  They evoke wanderlust while we’re all trapped at home.  Another big fan of indirect light, try watering every two weeks.  If you’re feeling destructive, slice off a leaf and put it in a great statement vase.  All the nature freaks will die a little.  Please do so at your own risk.  

Pothos – living on easy street.  I said I was on the peripheral of the family plant business.  I murder plants.  Perhaps my nest thermostat is not programmed to have my plant babies thrive, or I just have a permanent source for new plants, my thumbs are as far from green as they can me.  However, the pothos and the dracaena cane are staples in my home.  I have a live wall full of them and frankly, I water them about once a week.  Low light can be a friend.  I find their meandering vine-like structure a nice addition to any wall or space.

Dracaena Canes – as I mentioned are the other staple in my plant killer home.  They serve as a perfect zoom background for my work from home life.  Frankly, I water them when I pay my rent.  These guys thrive on just about any light but add some vertical height in a nice mid-size planter.

Air Plants – a fan fave for my not-green thumb friends.  Add these to a terrarium with some succulents and it spices up a kitchen table or island nicely.

These are my personal plant-of-the-moment favorites.  Fiddle leafs, you’re cool, but you’re complicated.  That’s gonna be a swipe left for me.

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