Green – the Pantone color of the year – is not just reserved for outdoor green spaces and green walls. Green signifies nature and the holidays! Greens, reds, golds and pine cones are all in and work to create an inviting setting for your employees and your customers.

More and more building owners and managers are competing for occupancy. Creating and maintaining a great work place is the key to success. Cultivating a happy staff results in productive employees, and a more profitable business. It’s a fact that building owners can’t disregard.

Thinking holidays? Probably not, but you should. Get ahead of the curve and start thinking about the look and feel you want for your property. Trends are a fun barometer to get a feel for where to begin. This year’s designs are realistic, almost life-like, with an accent on natural material. People want to feel as if they are part of nature. Natural, wood materials – vs. heavy paint and lacquers – burlap ribbons, grape vines, birds, owls and woodland creatures are trending. Sure, there’s still room for whimsical designs, but simplicity and natural are the tune of the season.

Nevertheless, decorating is in the eye of the beholder. Cookie-cutter designs don’t cut it. And customer interests and building decor will always help shape the look and feel of holiday designs

If you’re still weighing the benefits of holiday decorating, here are six reasons to decorate your business for the holidays:

Increase visibility – Help your customers find you. Tell them you’re the business with the red and green lights or with the big star. They’ll never forget where you are!

  • Get noticed – A nice display attracts attention and gets people talking. People like sharing festive stories; especially during the holidays.
  • Attract customers – People want to feel good, and a well thought out display will attract customers and keep them from your competitors.
  • Boost special events business – Make your business a destination for the holidays. Office parties, family get-togethers, impromptu Happy Hour. Make your business the go-to place.
  • Push Scrooge out of your business – The holidays are stressful for workers who are dealing with business deadlines and family commitments. Share some holiday spirit with your employees and see their productivity increase.
  • Do more – Don’t settle. Go with your instincts. Work out a design and style that brings the season to life.
  • Holiday decorating can be an emotional decision for property managers as colors, tastes and scope are typically deep-rooted traditions. No need to rush into decorating. Take some time to think through your goals and objectives and see what the team at Raimondi can create for you.
  • Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group works to make buildings more attractive, more comfortable, healthier and more productive for your business and your employees. As a member of the Green Plants For Green Buildings organization, our team is adept at creating interior environments that capture the vision and identity of the companies that we work with.

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