When it comes time to choose an interior or exterior landscaper, there are a few things that you need to consider in selecting the right provider.  First, an interior landscaper design arranges and cares for living plants in an interior environment.  The idea is to bring the outside in and to enhance the space with color, warmth, and focal points. 

Here are some pointers when choosing an interior service provider:

  1. Find other businesses or neighbors who can provide a good referral
  2. Ask the professional about their work experience and how long they have been in business
  3. Have an idea of what or where you want plants in your interior space. The professional should develop a strategy that identifies which plants work best in areas based on light and the environment
  4. Look at the website to see their work
  5. Ask for references
  6. Get 3 quotes and compare for pricing. Note that the cheapest is not always the best!
  7. Read the contract before signing

When it comes to exterior landscapers, you want a designer and landscaper that can enhance your home and property.  Taking time to properly choose your designer is key.

Here are a few pointers to help you get what you want:

  1. Have an idea of what you want in your yard before you start the process.  Are you redesigning the whole property or just a few beds or just the area by the pool?  Do you want to work in phases?  Or do you just want lawn maintenance with fall and spring cleanup?
  2. Look on Pinterest to get some ideas as to style
  3. Ask for client references
  4. Ask neighbors and friends whose landscaping you like about their provider and the quality and timeliness of service.
  5. Look at the website
  6. Compare pricing with at least 3 landscapers and understand all that is included so that you can compare apples to apples
  7. Make sure the professional is fully insured
  8. Secure a contract so you know what is included and understand the process

The best result for both interior and exterior landscaping is having a good working relationship with the designer, the installer, and the client.  The more thorough you are in choosing the right landscaper and maintaining open communication, the happier you will be with your finished project and continued service!

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