Everywhere you turn, health and fitness messages surround you. Your Fitbit tracks your daily steps. Your cafe latte tells you how many calories you’re drinking. Your social media feed challenges you to join the latest fitness craze. And that’s all before 9 a.m. on most days.

As you walk into your office, do you stop to assess the health of your building and its myriad of offices? Or, think about the health of the employees that keep your company humming along? Like many, you probably haven’t, but it’s time that you do. You’ll be amazed and gratified to find what bringing nature and plants indoors will do to enhance the mood and productivity of your employees; not to mention your bottom line.

 The Raimondi Horticultural Group has been at the leading edge of biophilic design. This is the practice of integrating plants, living walls and other forms of nature into offices and work space partitions to clean the air and improve physical and mental well-being.

 It’s a well-documented Well Building Standard and supported by numerous studies. The subject is also explored in this New York Times article. Scan it and you can’t help being inspired.

 Locally, the Raimondi Horticultural Group employs an experienced team of designers who understand current guidelines and recommendations for quality interior environments including air, light and water standards.

 We work with commercial building owners and property managers every day who are realizing a return on investment within a year after implementing WELL standards and biophilic design.

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