Choosing the right landscape maintenance contractor takes work on your part. First and foremost, DON’T WAIT until the last minute! Act now to get the best contractor for your needs. If your neighbor has a yard you admire, ask them who they use! Google “’landscapers” in your area and take a look at their website. You can get a feel from their gallery if they may be compatible.

Decide what your needs are. Have a clear picture in your mind of what exactly you want. Just weekly mowing, a small garden, design-build, or do you need a landscape architect? What’s your budget? All of these questions will be a factor in choosing the company you hire. Just be sure to hire a professional, it will save you a lot of disappointment and money in the end! When you hire an expert, they will be able to determine if your plan will work based on the layout of your yard, and the environmental conditions, such as shade, sun, etc.

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Below are typical services Professional Landscapers will offer.

Landscape Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance usually involves mowing, weed whacking, and some garden bed maintenance. In the Spring and Fall, you can also add clean-up leaf removal services. Other additions to your services would be turning on your sprinklers in the spring and blowing the system out before winter. Pest treatments, fertilizer, and weed control are also options your licensed professionals can offer.

Large Plant Material

It’s also important to regularly care for trees and shrubs since they can damage your house as they grow larger. Regular maintenance includes pruning your trees and shrubs to keep them free of disease and dead branches that can fall and hurt someone or something on your property.

Other Services

Hardscaping, landscape lighting, lawn and garden bed irrigation; the list goes on. Find a Contractor who shares your vision and creates your own oasis.

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