With words like polar vortex and bomb cyclone filling the headlines, it’s no wonder our thoughts go to the tropics, warm breezes and palm trees. While many of us begrudgingly face the long winter, only dreaming of warmer days, there is a solution that can brighten offices, store fronts and work areas.

No, it’s not jumping on Expedia and booking a seven-day cruise, it’s adding tropical plants to the places you spend the majority of your day in. They come in all sizes and colors, and in return for a small amount of maintenance they can help make the gloom disappear.

While the trend started in commercial spaces, private offices, retail settings and entrepreneurs are now getting in on the game as they want to bring a bit of the exotic and floral beauty indoors. When selecting a tropical plant consider one that complements your décor, displays your creativity and, above all, brings a smile to your face.

To give your indoor plant the best start, choose a plant that is vibrant and full, with rich glossy leaves. Thin, leggy plants or one with dropping leaves signals it has received too much water or been exposed to improper temperatures.

The Raimondi Horticultural Group offers the following tropical plant selection tips:

  • Check the soil before watering. The soil shouldn’t be too wet or too dry. Some like to use ice cubes to water plants; or mist the leaves of a tree.
  • Make sure the plant is placed in a large enough container so the roots have room to expand.
  • Regular fertilizer is needed. Make sure the fertilizer is designed for citrus plants.
  • Place the plant in proper sunlight; avoid drafts.

Aside from the color and positive vibes, indoor plants also provide people with multiple benefits.

Tropical plants can help assuage winter doldrums brought on by shorter, colder days and spending more time indoors.
Adding tropical plants to your indoor décor increases a room’s humidity, reducing the likelihood of respiratory sicknesses.
Tropical plants benefit us psychologically as well; reducing stress we experience in our everyday lives.

Do a little research and consult the experts at Raimondi to see what tropical plants are available and which ones suit your lifestyle, green thumb level and indoor décor. Be sure to ask plenty of questions on how to best care for your new tropical plants so they deliver their desired returns.

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group works to make buildings more attractive, more comfortable, healthier and more productive for your business and for your employees.

As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, our team is adept at creating interior environments that capture the vision and identity of the companies that we work with.

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