Give your employees something to celebrate with a holiday display that will bring joy to their hearts. A 40-hour work week can look frightfully the same from one week to the next. Why not change things up during the holidays by having a little fun with decorations and a dose of holiday spirit.

Holiday decorations don’t have to stretch the budget and may, in fact, benefit your business through increased productivity. Decorations can greet them employees at the front door of the office and throughout common areas of the building. Involve your employees in the process and let your company’s style and diversity shine through.

Decorations do not need to stop at the elevator doors. Today more than ever, open office workspaces create opportunities to place decorations in spots where people are sitting and working.

Think of the possibilities holiday decorations can bring. From exquisite trees and wreaths to florals, to Kwanza and Hanukkah displays. Or, you might prefer a fall display, winter scenery or a festive New Year’s display. Let your imagination go and the ideas will flow.

Things to consider when holiday decorating is on your mind.

  • Scope – decide how extensive you want your display to be.  Lobby, conference rooms, gathering areas, in front of the building…the possibilities are endless.
  • Buy or lease. Leasing gives you the flexibility of changing your holiday look every three years, on average. It’s turn-key for your staff. That’s the beauty of it.
  • With leasing, there’s no storage. Your holiday display will be installed, taken down and stored for you off-site until next year. If you purchase your display, you own it and store it in your own storage area or unit.
  • Warranties – all the hassle is taken out of the process. Not only are the decorations stored off-site, they are covered by insurance from the decorating company.

Don’t know where to begin? Let Raimondi Horticultural Group sit down with your team to learn what you have in mind. With an understanding of your goals and objectives and their knowledge of products, resources and what’s appropriate, we will create an original design for your business.

We treat each client as a unique opportunity to impress your employees and customers with a customized (not cookie-cutter) décor package. Every office has its own personality and we try to pick up on it. Raimondi will provide you with a holiday display befitting your company’s image.

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group works to make buildings more attractive, more comfortable, healthier and more productive for your business and for your employees. As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, our team is adept at creating interior environments that capture the vision and identity of the companies that we work with.

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