Everyone looks to identify and follow the latest trends. Whether it is business or fashion or cooking, trends influence consumer behavior, sway opinions and drive sales.

What’s trending in interior plant design? The word right now is biophilic design which is defined as the positive effect of plants on people.

Biophilic design capitalizes on the genetic connection people have to nature. Nature’s role in society is increasing as more people live and work in urban settings. Bringing nature inside – things like adding large plants, running water, wood and stone attributes can have a positive return on investment.

For hoteliers, biophilic design has been identified as a top design trend for 2018 and hotels are clearly benefitting from it. Hoteliers can see an increase in room and amenity sales when live plants are given a high profile in hotel lobbies, according to a recent study from Bill Browning, founder of the environment consultancy group Terrapin Bright Green.

The study observed six Manhattan hotel lobbies – those with and without the use of biophilic design. Lobbies incorporating biophilic design saw a 36% user rate – both active and passive – versus a 25% user rate with conventional designs.

The study also revealed that some of the active users were not even hotel guests but were still coming to the hotels and spending money in its restaurant and retail outlets.

Consider that result for a second: Consumers visiting and spending money based on the lobby environment making them feel good.

It’s a fact. Humans benefit psychologically and physically from biophilia, and plants are a fantastic and low maintenance source of it.

  • A number of studies have shown that the presence of houseplants can lower anxiety and blood pressure, decrease stress, and increase concentration.
  • Businesses that invest heavily in biophilic design increase their ability to attract and retain talented employees.
  • Guests are willing to pay more than 23% more for rooms with views of biophilic elements.

Enjoy the festivities of the hotels and then get down to business re-inventing your hotel lobby.

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