Desk plants have long been an undervalued work space commodity. Move into a new office and you unpack your pictures, calendar and the plant someone gave you as welcome gift at your last job.

Fortunately, office plants have come a long way in recent years with people finally recognizing the health and wellness, not to mention the aesthetic benefits they provide.

Today’s trend of biophilic design goes much further than bringing plants into the office. The logic behind the movement is that people feel more at ease surrounded by nature than a sterile work environment.

Employees want to surround themselves with the sights and sounds of a park, garden or nature walk vs. the constant click of a keyboard or conversations from pop-up meetings.

Biophilic design inspires creativity among employees and an inviting work space for team collaboration. The notion of biophilic design mandates:

  • Repeated and sustained engagement with nature
  • Reinforced design elements that captures and connects with the overall setting or work space
  • Fosters an emotional attachment to settings and places
  • Promotes a positive and sustained interaction

To enhance our knowledge of biophilic design, a team from Raimondi Horticultural Group will be traveling to Seattle this month along with other interior industry professionals to visit some well-known businesses featuring innovative interiorscaping designs.

We’re thrilled for the opportunity to tour the campuses of Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks Reserve and the Gates Foundation. Not only will we see first-hand the interior plant designs and work spaces, we’ll have a chance to talk with the creative minds behind the concepts.

Please be sure to follow us on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, as we’ll post pictures of our trip with you.

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group makes commercial buildings more attractive, with improved air quality leading to healthier and more productive employees, residents, guests and clients.

As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, our team of experienced designers can create interior environments using the latest design trends accentuated by unique containers and seasonal plants to capture the vision and identity of your company.

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