Everyone looks to identify and follow the latest trends. Whether it is business, fashion or cooking, trends influence consumer behavior, sway opinions and drive engagement.

What’s trending in offices and public spaces in hotels, healthcare facilities and retail outlets across the country? Biophilic design.

Biophilic design is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. Kids grow up running around outside, snowbirds flock to the South to escape the winter and be outside, and 9-to-5-ers can’t wait to get home and spend their leisure time in their yards and neighborhood park. It’s second nature to people and is quickly becoming a must-have design element in public spaces.

Bringing nature indoors makes perfect sense for today’s business environment. workers and business growth. Why? Because it offers the following health and lifestyle benefits:

  1. Sharpens mental focus
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety
  3. Improves emotional well-being
  4. Boosts creativity
  5. Purifies the air
  6. Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  7. Improves quality of life

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group makes commercial buildings more attractive, more comfortable, healthier and more productive to clients, residents, guests and employees.

As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, our team of experienced designers can create interior environments using the latest design trends accentuated by unique containers and seasonal plants to capture the vision and identity of your company.

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