Creating healthier office spaces filled with happier people is a challenge faced by property managers and business owners alike. Competition to sell or rent office space is comparable to the daily job bosses face vying to hire the most talented employees.

We’ve shared with you the value of living walls and the numerous health benefits provided to office workers. That blog topic initiated some questions about living walls in small places, in single offices, even in homes. What if space constraints prevent the installation of a living wall?

Don’t despair! If bringing nature inside is what you desire, you can have it. Smaller displays – in the form of moss walls – can be created in any shape, size and design. They can accent any lobby, office wall or just about any space that a splash of greenery is desired.

Q. What is a moss wall?

A. Moss walls are mini living walls or a piece of nature brought inside as a timeless piece of art. At the same time, they work to clean the air, reduce office or home noise and help provide relief from daily stresses.

Q. What is the moss in a moss wall?
A. Moss is a flowerless, spore producing plant whose spores are produced in small capsules. They are small, non-woody plants that absorb water and nutrients mainly through their leaves. Moss walls are created using a combination of mosses found throughout the country – even internationally.  The moss is artistically preserved to create beautiful, artistic results.

Q. How are moss walls designed?

A. Designs, shapes and styles of moss walls stretch as far as your imagination. Colors, cut-out letters, odd shapes, plant mixtures and much more can be incorporated into your moss wall.

Q. What maintenance is required for moss walls.

A. Moss walls are virtually self-sufficient. No water, sunlight or trimming is needed. They are ideal for small spaces without much natural light. Moss walls bring significant cost savings compared to living walls. Proper humidity is needed but moss walls don’t require regular care. An annual check-up is a good idea to clean off dust, make sure the moss wall is secure and generally-speaking, keep it looking its best.

Q. Are moss walls affordable?

They are much less expensive than a living wall. But as in anything the cost is dependent on the design, installation and transportation of materials.

Q. Where can moss walls be installed?

A.  They are versatile and can be incorporated in nearly any indoor environment as long as it’s not in direct sunlight. Additionally, moss walls require humidity to maintain their look. 50 percent humidity is a good gauge. You’ll also want to make sure that the moss wall is not located near vents or running water. Moss walls can be installed in offices or in homes.

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