Don’t know what gift to get for that hard to shop for friend or family member? Forgo the easy gift card and bring a bit of the outdoors inside year-round and give the gift that keeps on giving – plants!

Plants can be the perfect gift for your loved one’s home or office. These living, breathing gifts come in all shapes and sizes – short, tall, full, narrow, colorful, woodsy, natural – and each has the ability to make people smile and make visitors comfortable.

Being the savvy shopper you will find just the right plant to fit the personality and lifestyle of the person you’re buying for. Things to consider when selecting a plant include:

What is their lifestyle? Do they travel frequently or does their home or apartment have a spot where sunlight is easily accessible?

What is the depth of their green thumb knowledge? In most cases, easy to maintain, lightweight and easy to move plants are what you should consider.

Need some fun plant gift ideas this holiday season? The plant experts at Raimondi Horticultural Group offer the following suggestions:

  • If you’re thinking of color or a calming scent, some of the most popular flowering plants include orchids, azaleas and blooming gardenias.
  • Easy to care for plants include bonsais and cactus.
  • For fun, match a bright pot with something like an asparagus fern.
  • Tins, brass pots and other discarded containers can be re-purposed to make creative pots.
  • Bulbs can brighten a kitchen or office for weeks; particularly when it’s cold and gray outside.
  • Winter orchids make glamorous gifts. With reasonable care, they should bloom for many winters.
  • Succulents demand little water and come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Lucky Bamboo – this plant may look more like a lily and has the ability to grow in a vase of water near a sunny window. No dirt required.
  • And speaking of no dirt, check out air plants. These plants don’t require dirt or watering; just a regular misting.

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