Poinsettias come in a wide array of colors – red, white, salmon, apricot and more – and they are often speckled or marbled. And, if you think you’ve seen them all, you haven’t. New varieties are released every year.

Whether they are your favorite plant or not, they make a big impact on the U.S. economy. According to consumer polls, they are the top selling holiday plant.

How well do you know the poinsettia plant? Check out these fun facts:

Red is the most popular color, representing about three-quarters of all sales nationwide, followed by white and pink. More than 100 varieties of poinsettias are commercially available today.

How many poinsettias do you think are sold in a year? Numbers vary, but a recent USDA Floriculture Statistics report estimated more than 34 million.

Although every state grows poinsettias commercially, California is the top producer with more than 6 million pots grown. North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Ohio round out the top five.

There’s even a holiday for the poinsettia plant. December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

Most poinsettias will last for four to six weeks before the flowers begin to fall off. A quality plant in the right location and well-cared for can stay in bloom for up to six months, but that’s unusual.

When buying a poinsettia, make sure it has lots of buds, preferably not open yet.

Poinsettias like lots of direct light. Place your plants near a southern, eastern or western window and keep the soil moist while it’s still in bloom

Poinsettias do best when the thermostat is set between 65 and 75 degrees. Much lower and the plant will drop its leaves. Keep them away from drafts and cold windows.

Think the poinsettia is a poisonous plant? If so, you’re wrong. The plant has been tested repeatedly and cleared of this common assumption by the National Poison Center and the American Medical Association. However, this doesn’t mean you or your pets should eat poinsettias.

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