Interior plants are the focal point in your building lobby and public gathering spaces; in office reception areas; even in individual cubicles. Flowering plants, tall, short, colorful – the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting plants to fit your image and personality

Don’t do your plants an injustice by planting it in the wrong container. Stop and think about the where your plant will live, whether or not you plan to move it around, what color will complement office décor and your budget.

Key plant health tips when selecting a container:

  • Drainage – No matter what pot you select, be sure it has adequate drainage. Healthy plants need room to grow, and growth starts with oxygen reaching the plant’s roots. Excess water drowns the roots.
  • Porosity – Porous containers, like unglazed terracotta, clay, timber and other natural materials,   allow air and moisture through them. When moisture evaporates out the side of the pot it cools the soil and helps draw out excess water and prevent root rot.
  • Weight – Soil gets heavy and if you select a heavy container it’s difficult to move it around. Consider the total weight including soil, plant, pot and water.

Other creative considerations:

  • Aesthetics – Let your creative side show, color, shape, size and ornamental value.
  • Cost and Time – Your budget will ultimately determine which container you select. Re-purposed containers can be more affordable.
  • Maintenance – If low maintenance is what you’re looking for, consider container material that doesn’t need restoring from time to time.
  • Durability – The life of your container depends on quality, type of material and where the container is located.

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group makes commercial buildings more attractive, more comfortable, healthier and more productive to clients, residents, guests and employees.

As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, our team of experienced designers can create interior environments using the latest design trends accentuated by unique containers and seasonal plants to capture the vision and identity of your company.

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