With more than half of all US citizens living in urban areas and spending 90 percent of time indoors, it’s essential that the quality of indoor air and inside work life experiences be enhanced.

Bringing nature inside and creating outdoor urban experiences in offices, hotels and homes is widely regarded as the primary principle behind quality of life indoors.

Globally, the stats are staggering:

-76 percent or employees report a struggle with well-being

-90 percent of business costs are in staff and salaries; improvements in well-being and productivity is valuable

-77 percent of CEOs see accessing and retaining employees as the biggest threat to their businesses

The WELL Building Standard,TM is quickly becoming regarded as the recognized authority on building design and enhancement. The WELL Standard places people at the heart of design encouraging the creation of thriving spaces to support human health and well-being including:

-Promoting healthy behavior to improve nutrition, mood, sleep patterns, fitness, productivity and performance, and prevent occupant sickness

-Set people centered performance requirements to provide a framework for building project teams

-Draws from scientific research that looks at the impact of our built environment – in which we spend more than 90 percent of our time1 – on our health and well-being

-Reduces costs and improves outcomes, offering tangible financial benefits to businesses

The WELL Building Standard requires a combination of the installation of appropriate materials with the

implementation of effective procedures to:

-Improve air quality

-Assess water sources and quality

-Offer the correct amount of light with appropriate limits to glare

-Designed to encourage movement to help to make occupants less sedentary

As a member of the Green Plants for Green Buildings organization, the Raimondi Horticultural Group employs an experienced team of designers who understand current guidelines and recommendations for quality interior environments. We use the latest design trends accentuated by unique containers and seasonal plants to capture the vision and identity of your company.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide an overview of the WELL Building Standard and its key elements to help you understand this holistic approach to achieve a healthy, productive workplace or hotel space.

Every day, Raimondi Horticultural Group makes commercial buildings more attractive, with improved air quality leading to healthier and more productive employees, residents, guests and clients.

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